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The Livermore Heritage Guild
Volunteers Make It Work!

Over forty years ago a group of concerned citizens joined together to save the Southern Pacific Railroad Station on L Street in Livermore. Ever since then volunteers have been giving freely of their time helping collect and organize the history of Livermore and the stories of its people. In the end it really is the story of the people in Livermore that bring the town’s history to life.

It is the people like you who donate their time to the Livermore Heritage Guild that allows us to collect and tell these stories. We tell these stories to young and old alike at the Carnegie Library Museum and Research Center, at the DUARTE GARAGE, with our traveling History Mobile, at the Hagemann Ranch, at History Talks and in our newsletter. Each year over 2500 hours are donated by our members, making this all happen.

It is important your experience with us is a pleasant one. We realize your time with us is a gift and we appreciate it. Whether you can donate one hour per month or forty it is all appreciated and we want you to feel it was worthwhile!

As a volunteer you probably have some questions, below we have tried to anticipate a few of these and provide answers.

Do I need to know all about Livermore’s history before I volunteer?

No, very few of us knew the town’s history when we first volunteered. During your time as a volunteer you will learn as we all continue to learn. We have extensive research capabilities at the Carnegie Library, and we will train you on their use.

Do I need to know how to operate a computer?

It helps, though many materials are available only in printed form. It is faster to use the computer when appropriate because of the ability to search many sources in a matter of minutes, but objects and paper will always be an important part of our work. If you would like to learn to use the computer aids, we are happy to train you.

How much time do I need to volunteer per month to be of help to the organization?

Whatever works for you. Volunteer schedules tend to range from a few hours per month (docent at the Duarte Garage or Carnegie Museum) to a few dozen hours per month if you are working on a busy project or an active docent. Many activities are seasonal, for instance you might work over 40 hours in April and May as a HistoryMobile docent, but less than 5 hours a month the rest of the year. Some duties require specific hours, others can be very flexible. Depending on the hours and times you are available some volunteer opportunities may be more appropriate than others; we will be happy to discuss that with you.

What kind of work will I be doing?

That's largely up to you - if you have a skill or an interest, we probably have a place to apply it. Docent jobs are more social, researcher tasks are more technical, exhibit projects are more creative, and there are a million other things to do. Heck, someone had to type this page of text, and someone else created the website it sits in!

How do I coordinate availability?

The chairperson for each project generally tracks the who and when of volunteer availability. We're pretty flexible, so let's talk and we will work it out.

Can I change the type of volunteer work I do after I sign up?

Absolutely, we have many projects going on at once and you can switch around or do more than one. We will be happy to discuss this with you.

Volunteer work is supposed to be fun and rewarding. We appreciate the efforts of everyone and want you to know your contribution is important to use.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer, please contact our office at (925) 449-9927 or by e-mail at lhg@lhg.org.




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