We have a dedicated crew of volunteers, with a wide range of skills and abilities. We are always looking for more help. The Duarte Garage is open every Saturday morning to work on the Seagrave. Please stop by the Garage to lend a helping hand or view our progress.
Jim Boehmke is a long time car buff, who has restored five Classic
cars and currently drives a restored 1931 Model A as his daily driver.
Jim’s skills include welding, body work, painting, and just about everything
else when it comes to old vehicles.
Will Bolton is an Aerospace Engineer who loves cars, planes (and
firetrucks). He enjoys maintaining and driving his three Corvairs and
a 1962 F85 Olds Cutlass. He has a great background in all things
automotive. Will is the “brains” of our restoration team.
Clive Bush hails from New Zealand, and has an extensive background
in automobile racing and automobile technology in general.
Fred Deadrick is a retired electrical engineer with skills in woodworking
and photography. He did the woodwork on the LHG Model- T firetruck and is currently working on the woodwork for the Seagrave. He along with others has photographically documented the restoration process.
Randy Jennings is a retired Livermore fireman. Randy has special
skills in gold leaf design and application. Randy is responsible for
overseeing all the gold application. When not working on the Seagrave,
he is a cabinet maker by profession.
Bill Junk is a retired mechanical technician and the curator of the
Durate Garage. Bill keeps us all in line in doing the Seagrave restoration..
Jeff Kaskey is the current President of the Livermore Heritage
Guild, and goes to bat for us when we need help.
Chuck McFann is a retired mechanical engineer who started this
restoration project. Chuck also did the restoration of the LHG
Model-T Firetruck. Chuck has skills in machining, automobiles,
woodworking and photography.
Don Meeker is one of the LHG research historians. Don has devoted
special interest to the Seagrave pumping hardware.
Dan Nelson represents the youth of this project. An AV specialist
by day and a hotrod builder in his spare time.
Merv Nichols is a retired mechanical engineer with skills in things
both mechanical and electrical. When not working on the Seagrave,
Kevin Nista owns and operates Early Years and Exotics, an antique
and exotic car repair and restoration shop in Livermore. Kevin’s
help and advice have been indispensable on this restoration
Ben Schluchter is a diesel mechanic at Caterpillar Tractor, and a
first class mechanic on the Seagrave. When not working on the
firetruck he enjoys riding his Harley
Irv Stowers is a retired mechanical engineer who is the manager of
this project. Irv has been with the Seagrave project since its inception.
He has special skills in mechanics, woodworking and photography,
as well as keeping us on budget.


Joe Wilder
Norm Nather
Tim Sage
Edward Young and Sons
Chuck Brown and Son
Ralph Moir
Rich Bouska