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Our Donors

The Guild Is Supported by Individuals, Organizations, Institutions and Businesses. Each Provides Sustenance. We Can't Possibly Thank Them Enough, But We Do Want to Thank Them!

On this page we attempt to thank those who give financial support, and there is yet another army who support us with time, resources, consultation and more. We want you know know about them all, so stay tuned!


There is no best way to list our wonderful donors. Some donate regularly every year, others are there for us when special projects have the need. Here is a beginning of our attempt to say Thank You.

Donors come in all shapes and sizes. Whenever our mission and a donor's interests intersect, there is an opportunity to support the Guild's programs.

This list is our 2013/2014 donor list and represents specific donations, such as support for restoration of Midway School, as well as donations to support the Guild's general operation.

Thanks to one and all!










$500 & Above

Dr. Susan Dupree

in honor of Hollis Bascum

Dick & Wanda Finn

Sandra Grafrath

Jeff & Loretta Kaskey

John Kinney & Occasio Winery


Richard & Jean Lerche

Livermore Pleasanton Firefighters Local 1974

Felix & Joy Musco

Tim Sage

Barbara Soules

Anonymous Donor

$200 - $499

Craig Chivatero

Dr. & Ms. Louis Evans

Haggen Trust

Lievermore Valley Tennis Club

Nancy Mueller

Nancy Sage

Janet Van Toussaint

$50 - $199

 Altamont Cruisers

Stephanie Ball

Mike & Laura Ballengee

William Bireley

Cynthia Bird

Bob Bronzan

Kim Bonde

Deidre Boyle

Merry Carter

Sylvia Chatagnier

Fred Deadrick

Dottie Eberly

Diane Echols

Garry Drummond

Kim Fox

GE Foundation


John Holm

John Hunt

Susan Junk

Todd Kamena


Sheridan & Andrea Loyd

Les & Rena Leibovitch

Nancy Mulligan

Norm Nather

Shawn & Suzy Sage

Barry & Kay Schrader

Carrie Seng

Anna Siig

Sunbeam Tiger Club

Valerie Thomey

Elizabeth Trutner

The Annual Auction is our biggest single fund raiser. This year we are delighted to thank the following organizations who supplied their excellent products to become auction items or goodies to be served.  

We need to collect some logos here - for now just imagine how bright and colorful this could be!

Altamont Beer Works

Big White House / John Evan Cellars

Concannon Winery

Flaca's Chips and Salsa

Livermore Valley Tennis Club

Nottingham Cellars

Occasio Winery

Panama Red

Posadas Restaurant

Rodrigue Molyneaux

Steven Kent Winery

Victorine Olive Oils


Wilcox Foods


Event Sponsors

We have a collection of wonderful sponsors who have helped us with projects and events. To get this page started, here are the sponsors of our 2014 Annual General Meeting


Panama Red

(Possibly the Guild's longest running sponsor)

Flaca's Chips and Salsa

(Oh my, THAT was popular)

Altamont Beer Works

(OK, two kegs next time. I hate running out)

Occasio Wines (Yummy)

Wilcox Frozen Foods

(Yes, THOSE cupcakes)



Supporting Organizations

Sometimes our biggest supporters are other non-profits who have an interest in supporting the Guilds mission. The list starts here



Livermore-Amador Genalogical Society

Livermore Rotary



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