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A history of early land title disputes in Livermore. By Gary Drummond

A history of the change from a livestock to an agricultural economy which began in the mid-1850's. By Gary Drummond.


A summary of early land grants to early settlers. By Gary Drummond.
Living as a boy at the Fire Lookout on south edge of Livermore in summer 1931. By Herbert L Hagemann, 1976. PDF, 42 pages.
A research monograph showing fragile family bibles from 1800's found in the LHG Archives. Part 1 - Family Bibles in Rural America. Part 2 - Description of contents with many photos. Part 3- Family records found in these Bibles for the early area rancher (Black, Wagoner, Millington, Clark, Peck, and Crane) families. By Harry Briley, 2018. PDF, 95 pages
A list of frequently heard names and an explanation of where the name came from. By Gary Drummond.