These documents compiled by Anna Siig describe early library services and the construction of the Carnegie Library Building,
home of the Livermore Heritage Guild. Please visit us at 2155 Third Street in Livermore, call (925)449-9927, or e-mail at lhg@lhg.org

Most of these documents are PDF files.

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A brief history of the Carnegie Library. Includes an early photo of the building. By Don Meeker. 3 pages
Copies of the upstairs and downstair floor plan of the original library, including a photo of the interior of the upstairs Library in use. 3 pages
An historical summary. By Barbara Bunshaw. 2 pages
A one page PDF file describing the Carnegie Park and Library. Includes a Can you find? feature to guide your walk in the park. Created by Tillie Calhoun. 1 page
The story of Livermore's first libraries. By Gary Drummond. 1 page
The fall 1988 newsletter of the California Office of Historic Preservation. 1 page in PDF format. Describes their effort to identify, register, and protect California's remaining Carnegie Library buildings. 1 page
Brief biography of Andrew Carnegie. By LHG staff. 2 pages
Barbara Bunshaw was the Reference Librarian at the Carnegie Library from 1961 until 1966, when it was closed as a library. As a Guild volunteer, she spent 25 years cataloging Livermore newspapers from 1874 to 2005. Her index is a remarkable research tool. 1 page
A document produced from the Guild's Historic Resources Inventory in 1988. 3 pages PDF
Summary submitted when nominating the building as a local historical landmark. 2 pages
A historical summary of Carnegie Libraries in California. By a LHG volunteer. 2 pages
Copy of a newspaper article. Name of newspaper and publication date unknown. 1 pages
Article from Livermore Herald 5/28/1910 announcing that work on the Carnegie library will begin next week and be hurried to completion. 2 pages
Librarian's Report to the Library Board of Directors summarizing library services for 1897. 1 page
Article from the Livermore Echo published on 9/9/1893 announcing the election of a librarian and other library events. 1 page
Article from the Livermore Herald dated 9/8/1881 reporting on a meeting of the Public Library Association. 1 page
What were they reading in 1880? A sample of subjects listed in New Books Added to Livermore Public Library - February 1880. 2 pages
Rules of the Livermore Library as published in the Livermore Enterprise on 4/3/1875. 1 page

Barbara Bunshah

Reference Librarian 1961-1966
LHG Curator 1980-2005